Get a Better Sense of What is Really Happening in Your Entire Service and Achieve a Meaningful Difference Across Your Facilities Management Landscape.

It is the time to admit that your existing traditional facility systems are holding your business back, and that your toolset need to be changed and combined with a smart digitalized cultural management

We understand your field service's challenges.

  • Cost
  • Nonorganized Orders
  • Lack of end-to-end visibility
  • Lack of Mobility
  • Lack of Standardization

  • Are your work orders different for each vendor? each vendor use his own work order tracking system?!
  • Is it difficult for you to gain visibility into the entire facilities management picture?
  • Implementing any changes in your system is tedious and frustrating and your End-to-end processes aren't as efficient as they should be?
  • Your technicians don't have any way to view or update their daily status and progress while they are in the field?
  • Your work scheduling process is entirely manual and doesn't flex to accommodate the change?

If your answer is YES, So it is the time to rethink the way you do your business and start Improve your field service efficiency.

PW facility management solution is an integral part of field service management powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to transform your disconnected facilities management tools into a unified and end-to-end managed system


Manage Your Resources Effectively

  • Track your technicians’ workflow And track how they are spending their time, whether they're traveling, on break, or working.
  • Reduce paper work and manual data entry error.

Manage your Work Orders

  • You will be able to sort out what things to be fix in what order and dispatch this to the technicians.
  • Maintain lists of technicians, classify them by skillsets, track their schedules, assign tasks and monitor their deliverables and efficiencies.
  • Analytics for reporting on key performance indicators for managing work orders, scheduling activities, and interacting with customers.

Improve Customers Satisfactions and Maintain their Loyalty and their Trust.


Empower your Technicians and field Team

technicians will have full access to the information and real-time guidance they need and will be able to view their assignments from any platform or location by seamlessly integrating data and collaboration tools.

Property watch used the intelligence of the cloud to be your most cost-effective decision

Automatically Detect and solve problems that were costing you a lot of money. Discover where you have issues before customers realize them using the power of IoT and predictive technology.



Complaints and Maintenance Orders

Through a Dedicated and customized dashboard you will be able to extract actionable reports and efficiency perform maintenance tasks by Taking data-driven maintenance decisions.



Enhance collaboration between customer service agents, dispatchers, field technicians.


Calendar and Schedule

Share your calendar with other internal users, invite them for tasks and meetings. See their availabilities and receive their confirmation for your appointment.



Define your service level agreement policies to ensure your standards of service governing parameters as initial response, deadlines, hours served and priority management.



Documents You will be able to access all documents, track versions and manage access restrictions within a truly paperless environment. You Can Consolidate all your documents under one view with smart-search functionalities.


Warehouse and ÷nventory

You will have a full view of inventory, purchase, and return capabilities to manage truck stock, purchase order requests and fulfillment, and product returns.