Manage your property efficiently and effortlessly Using Microsoft power Platform

Whatever your type of property is, we are here to help you to manage.

Property watch Combine commercial property management software, residential property management software, and real estate Company software into one comprehensive package that brings all of your property management functions to your fingertips.

  • Grow your business up
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Avoid unexpected maintenance costs
  • Maximize occupancy levels
  • Be updated with all real-time reports and analysis

We are Changing the way property sector operates

Units and Properties listing

Easy retrieval and review listing for all your property portfolio with all their details at your convenience.


Tenant Management System

All your tenant data such as company information, contact information, bank accounts. due invoices, debts and payments will be stored. You can simply improve communication with your tenants Respond to their complaints quickly and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them.


Leasing Management

  • Notify your network of leasing agents of upcoming availabilities.
  • Marketing initiatives and other important communications about your properties.
  • Generate reports to visualize information about sales stages.
  • Analyze the sales team’s performance.
  • Manage communications with existing and potential clients.

Asset Management System

Where you can manage all your assets and Save time and money while keeping your properties in tiptop condition.


Client Relationship Management

  • Where you can store contact information, leases and moves schedules.
  • Our CRM is designed to enhance communication within your entire network of agents, tenants and Contractors.
  • Follow-up on any previous conversations with your contacts and get in touch using the "email Tracking" features.

Maintenance Monitoring

All your maintenance projects will be tracked to ensure your properties are always in optimal condition.

  • Control your maintenance and facilities fees such as heating fees, electricity fees, security fees etc.
  • Track customer maintenance requests and plan your work, create work orders, and assign them to your employees.

Financial and Invoicing Management

  • Monitor property expenses with fully integrated accounting system.
  • Our tenant will be secured with the fastest and the securest payment method.
  • Create invoices for the entire properties based on the calculated charges and Send it out to the customers and manage overdue debts.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Reporting is your best way to understand your business's big picture.
  • You will be updated with real time analytical and financial reports and statistics of your buildings, sites or units as well as detailed rent and lease status.

Flexible Searching

  • All your information of properties, companies and clients will be integrated on one simple platform that accessible and available 24 hours a day.
  • You can easy search, filter and save you time and money.

Contract Management and E-signature Feature

  • An automatic contracts templet with an electronic signing feature will be held between you and your tenant with all the contract data filled in it. All you have to do is to set your pricing rules.
  • Set reminders on contract expiration date.
  • Attach all the related lease documents to the Lease Contract Card to have all data in one place.

Waiting Lists

Ensure the maximum occupancy of your properties and never sits empty by creating a custom waiting list for your properties in demand.


Reminder of Pending Tasks.

In the property game, mistakes are costly.

Never lose a lead and make another costly mistake of forgetting a pending task. Reminders are sent out with sufficient lead time to ensure your proper follow up.