Drive deals to closure, faster. Improve sales conversions by over 50%. Take better decisions by understanding your activities better. Boost your property sales through external sellers. Maximize income and reduce cost.

Agent & Broker CRM

A usable interface

Increase the efficiency

Cloud based data storage

A usable interface that tracks all leads and information that you need for sales outreach and the customer funnel.
The platform unifies 360-degree view for lead management, automated process creating lead and assigning it to the agents.

Increase the efficiency of sales and rent process, effective team management, instantly view all sales pipeline details.
Multiple listing library and publishing, automated sales process, overview for available properties and statuses, projects, calendar & timeline.

Cloud based data storage, linked with various property portals to reach potential buyers and tenants, automation, and reminders to keep track on records and increase response time.
Manage your landlords and tenants under one workspace, allowing ultimate access to firm, secured portals, apply for maintenance requests, and overview their property timeline.


Designed for Real estate Agents and Brokers

To manage daily real estate cycle and relationships between developers, tenants, landlords and agents who sell ready and off plan properties using fully integrated CRM.

Empower Agent and Broker performance with real time integration with many apps and real estate advertisement companies.

Generate leads from multiple sources, manage leads and track their history and communication.
Boost productivity and teamwork, collaborate and work as one


Customer360-degree view & Visual insights

  • Our system offers quick overview of what is happening with a customer,  such as communications with them, progress of individual deals, and much  more, all in one place.
  • The out-of-the-box dashboards and charts have almost everything that you need to get insight into your business
  • The out-of-the-box dashboards and charts have almost everything that you need to get insight into your business.

Lead Management Process

  • Lead management journey-starting from receiving call going through qualify lead to opportunity ending with completing the deal.
  • Generate reports and dashboards to monitor in which stage the deal is stopped.
  • Generating dashboard for sales KPI performance indicator such as time measurement from opening lead till closing the deal.

Building properties database

  • Building reliable database for properties to maintain unit details such as location, availability status, prices, floor plan etc.
  • Maintain marketing material and make it accessible through PCs, cell phones, tablets such as view (layout view, panoramic view), generate summary and send to tenants and buyers via email etc.

Activities timeline

  • All the appointments you schedule while you work on an opportunity, the emails that you send or the phone calls you make are available in one place, giving you all the context, you need to do your job.
  • Manage tracking all phone calls, appointments, mails, visits and notes for any entity (units, accounts, contacts, lead, etc.) in the solution to maintain all activities happened to this entity to monitor sales team activities and make easy handover.
  • The system automatically timestamps every activity and shows who created it. 

Marketing collaterals

  • Marketing collaterals for on demand projects availability such as project fact sheet, floor plan, brochures, and media, marketing guidelines for specific group of customers.
  • Powerful property listings.
  • For Availability of all listed projects and units for sale on behalf of the developer or inhouse. Pricing and payment plan for specific areas and project availabilities. Sending notification according to specific criteria

Online Listing management

  • Seamlessly share ready and off-plan projects and available units with external real estate agencies using the Dynamics 365 platform.
  • The real-time sync allows the agencies to always view latest listings, with updated information daily.

What makes our CRM for Agent & Broker different?




Easy to use

All tools available for contact management, lead generation, listing syndication, performance reports analysis, document management and marketing collateral, Adjustable business workflow, Comprehensive back office.

With leading real estate portals worldwide, Property Watch Mobile app, WhatsApp, Office 356, ERP & Outlook, omnichannel for customer service, tenant and landlord self-service portal, integrated with our external broker portal and company website.

From anywhere, any device , computer, tablet and mobile, access paperless data, generate sales offer with full unit details, Increase the efficiency of admin work, Improved listing quality, automated calendar and activities.